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the Staircase by Corviid
by Corviid

This is an amazing piece of art right here. A true labor of love that must have taken forever. I came upon this image years ago and I s...


Squirnchkt, the Lovers by Devine-Escapes
Squirnchkt, the Lovers
So this is actually an OC of sorts. Introducing the race of beings known as the Squirnchkt.

The Squirnchkt are eye-less, three armed mollusk-like entities. Servitors of Great Sogwa, our lady of happy chaos --you'll learn more about her soon for I have good tidings to bare on her regard, soon!

Blind and horny....they seem to spend all their time sexing it up. Since they can't see it can be challenging getting it in there. their sexual evolutionary strategy seems to be that the males just have a whole bunch of extra phalluses...a male and female encounter each other and they just kind of wrestle around a bit into one or more of them gets inside of an opening. They seem to enjoy it and injuries are rare so who are we to judge?

As they attempt to copulate they kind of schlop and schkloop and well Squirnch about each other, actually making a "skwirnch" noise...hence the name. Squirnchk is singular, add the T at the end for plural. They probably have way more than two genders, but this description is still fairly accurate.

Look for them on the margins of reality, look for them when things get weird and silly. Look for them when bullshit power structures topple, when egos disappear, when everything gets out of control, when pomp implodes, when the whole universe seems to unravel but it's really just correcting it's course, when the correct course becomes clear and obvious to everyone and that correct course is silly, the correct course is hilarious, tight, wet, throbbing and yes--you know this is right!

No walls may contain me and I now invoke ye' Skwiggly Noodle who art Great Sogwa's hidden and third ear-wyrm and whose existence is thus far merely hinted at!

And know that ye Squirnchkt have more story than this, that they take more forms and have more attributes than have here been described, and that the One Song, our Uni-Verse, is a giant brain and ye Squirnchkt are memory neurons and every successful mating of theirs is like a cosmic synapse firing and that Sogwa may also be a goddess of memory and the good tidings to come are tidings of ye Lascivious Smorgasborg....a cosmic orgy of a grand scale prophesied to come soon so spoke the prophet who art I and spoken, ahem just now and that when said Smorgasborg does get it on and get groovy afterwards everything shall be new for all shall remember and thusly re-awaken to true cause and purpose but for now, even the best and handsomest prophets can only point and gesticulate, kind of waving my arms and pantomime-like "hey guys, something is seriously WTF in the world today, let's worship it! Let us all worship it okay?"

Todays meditation:

Find and assume an uncomfortable position
find an opening of some kind and put something inside of it
hum in that way that makes the roof of the mouth buzz
get that pineal buzzing
keep it buzzing....
then chant or intone:

IO Sogwa!
IO Skwiggly Noodle!
Jai Jai Ram Sogwa
Jai Jai Ram Skwiggly Noodle
do not get irreverent and sing "jai jai ramen noodles"
Io Io Sogwa
Squirnchkt Squirnchkt Squirnchkt
Io Squirnchkt
Squirnchkt Squirnchkt Squirnchkt
ruba dub dub
Squirnchkt Squirnchkt Squirnchkt
Oh I love love love
and love love love
how I love what I love who I love
love love love
IO OM AEIOU Jai ruba dub dub
and wubbalubbadubdubs
Squirnchkt Squirnchkt Squirnchkt
all thing return all things retune by Devine-Escapes
all thing return all things retune
I do masonry and I do drawings....frequently, my drawings are of masonry or masonry-ish figures.
I got swirling spheres up in here by Devine-Escapes
I got swirling spheres up in here
I make drawings sometimes. Pencil and ink on  watercolor paper. Collaboration between me and Mackenzie.

More at

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